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ListItem Layouts and JSON Data Binding in QML

Today we met with a professional software development team at our Tech Center in Bochum. They demonstrated their upcoming BlackBerry 10 application and we discussed some troubling issues they are having. So we quickly built two small sample applications, which you can download here. Inside the archive zip file, which is easy to import into Momentics as existing projects, you will find the projects ListItemLayouts and Lesson3OnlineJson.


ListItemLayouts is based on the default template for ListView projects, but with a custom ListItem Component. The new ListItem contains three rows, each row has text aligned on the left and right side of the screen. Also each line uses different layouts: first row uses DockLayout, if the text of the Label on the left is too long the labels might overlap; second row uses StackLayout and with spaceQuota, so that overlapping is suppressed; the third row is based on the second row, but with different spaceQuota values and multiline set to true. View pictures below to see the behaviour of these layouts.

ListItemLayoutsVertical  ListItemLayoutsHorizontal


Lesson3OnlineJson is an application which loads a JSON file from the web which also contains URIs to images, these images are also loaded from a remote web address. We added new dummy objects to the JSON file, to see how to bind data from nested JSON objects with our ListItems. In the end it was quite easy in QML by using the following statement:

Label {

text: ListItemData.array[0].myString


This binds the string ‘myString’ of an object within an array at position 0 to a Label in our ListItemComponent.

The image loading is based on the ‘TL;DR‘ sample application which shows how to implement worker threads for tasks. Another helpful sample is ‘Stamp Collector‘ for populating a list with JSON data. Find an overview of all official sample apps here.

Cascades Hands-on for RUB Students

Last Friday we welcomed eleven computer science students from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) at our Tech Center and gave an introduction to BlackBerry 10 with hot coffee and refreshing drinks. In a following hands-on session we helped those students to set up their laptops so that they were ready to go from 0 to BlackBerry 10 with Cascades. Of course we showed them in a live coding demo how to develop BB10 applications with the main focus on animations. Unfortunately time was too short to show more awesome features, but we would be happy to welcome more students and repeat such sessions at any time.

So again, thanks for visiting us here in our Tech Center, especially to Kai Kuchenbecker for gathering interested students. We hope you had a lot of fun and that we could stimulate and inspire you to do great apps.

15 year old developed a BlackBerry 10 app in our Tech Center Bochum

Kerem Bakacak a 15 year old student developed a BlackBerry 10 application using Cascades within only 2 weeks during his internship at BlackBerry Tech Center Bochum. All german students in the 9th grade have to do a two week internship during the school year and we were happy to welcome Kerem. He attends a computer science class in his school where he learns programming paradigms with Visual Basic, but he has never programmed in QML or C++ before. So after getting used to the syntax we guided him developing his application step by step and it is now published on BlackBerry World. Fantastic!