Welcome BlackBerry Developer Group Ruhr in Bochum/Germany

bbdevgrp_bochum1Congratulations to Andreas (@Andi_Gabel) and Kai (http://kuchenbecker.me ) who really did an awesome and professional job preparing the first meet up of the BlackBerry Developer Group Ruhr in Bochum/Germany.  They kicked off the event by welcoming the around 15 guys and introducing themselves to the crowd. Then gave me the stage to talk about BlackBerry 10. I gave an overview on our whole eco-system and did some demo to show the BlackBerry 10 user experience because surprisingly some of the attendees didn’t yet get a chance to play a round with one of our awesome BlackBerry 10 devices but very keen to learn how to build apps for our platform.

bbdevgrp_bochum2I really was impressed by some of the attendees like Jörg, Marcel and Michael who took a long journey of 60+ KM to attend our meet-up. Champion was Georg (@gpheheise) who came along the way down from Hamburg to attend. He is by the way the lead of the BlackBerry Developer Group in north Germany and didn’t want to miss that special event of launching a new developer group in Germany.

I really enjoyed the evening with those BlackBerry Fans and I am looking forward to be present at the upcoming meetings of the group, at least when I am around in my home city Bochum.


Thanks Andreas, Thanks Kai and good luck leading the group.


If you wish to get in touch here you go: www.bbruhr.de  | @BBDevRuhr  | hello@bbruhr.de




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